This is a slick 16 minutes long animated movie. And the short film that was directed by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy + Ludovic Houplain.

I first time saw it is in week 2 seminar class of 161MC. My first feeling just think this film was beautiful and creatively. While when I saw it again, I had different feeling about it.

This interesting film is based on a created parallel world which filled with brands. And the main story is describing two Michelin men as cop chasing a gun-toting, child-kidnapping bad-guy, Ronald MacDonald. With the development of the event, other story characters’ line in the world is changing. And the climax of Logorama in a series of cataclysmic natural disasters engulfing this pixel-built city of a million brands.

There is no doubt that this film implied some deep meaning for modern life. In this regard, I have some insights. The whole film characters are played by major brands. The architecture, the automotive, anything in the film are replaced by brands. This means the media are everywhere in our lives.  These brands are closely related to our daily life.  Most times we will depend on brand to choose what we want buy. For example, chain restaurants, there are KFC, McDonald ‘s for us to choose. We can follower the heart of what we prefer and  to choose which one we should go.

By reason, the brand is necessary, it represents the product itself. It not only helps us to remember this product, but also to be more effective to choose what we really want. However, whether we have been slowly being eroded by these brands? Some people may be having comparisons of the heart due to some of the high and low points of brands.  The Brand plays a major role in our lives, but people cannot blindly believe in the media and should to avoid herd mentality. For the film ending, I am not sure what the filmmaker wants to express. In my opinion, maybe it is warning people not over-touted brand or the brand will be innovating and changing.

Overall, we should establish a correct view of consumption. The brand is an important part of our daily life, not let it go to dominate how we live.

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